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...::: FREE BB5 Simlock Repair, SD Repair, SX4 Auth, SP Unlock :::...

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...::: FREE BB5 Simlock Repair, SD Repair, SX4 Auth, SP Unlock :::...

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:32 pm

...::: FREE BB5 Simlock Repair, SD Repair, SX4 Auth, SP Unlock :::...
BB5 Free Repair and Unlock V1

Supported Operations:
- Network unlock by decrypted SP codes from PM308 (work on all SL1 and many SL2)
- Network unlock by decrypted SP codes from PM120 (work on all SL2 and on so called SL3-New RAPIDO_
- Full RPL Simlock Repair (work on ALL SL1 and SL2)
- Full Super Dongle SD Repair (work on ALL SL1, SL2 and SL3)
- SX4 Authentification (work with ANY keys - Nokia Originals, Custom keys written by other boxes)

Supported HASHES:
38F312750F686F9FC9B1B3778774A195, 9DDBFCFE6E73CED7D8C6268C8EB85723
A5404AE83A594ECADEE532F0C236BFA6, BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1
9A28E119033B91D14D22838C86D0D53C, CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE
F2D76DFAFD66C7F195F278417DF05888, F682624FFB08F6D955DBE7D9C0485084

Supported phones:
- ALL BB5 SL1 and SL2 with supported HASHES
- So called "SL3" or "New RAPIDO" like:
5800, 6790, N96, E63, E71

Supported interfaces:
- JAF Box with any firmware up to 01.B4 inclusive
(TEA authentification algorithm for "command vectors" included)

Known limitations:
- UFS Box interface NOT supported !
- Internet connection required
- Calculations server will be stoped in SOME DAY !

Download link:

If anybody think that this software damage any P(otato)-KEY (even if this software NOT EVEN HAVE ANY SMARTCARD FUNCTION INSIDE - hackers/unpackers/reversers can easy check), then use in an new clean Windows or in an Parallels/Vmware virtual machine clean Windows installation.
This software was simply released just to put down (reset) Nokia market.


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